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DeFuser is the world's best pepper spray "It can't be used against you!"


Welcome to the Future of Pepper Spray!

The 21st Century is the era of Innovation, and DeFuser has helped revolutionize the pepper spray industry. DeFuser's design is the best pepper spray because it has a built in disable system that mechanically de-activates the unit if separated from its user. This makes it almost impossible for an attacker to use your own pepper spray against you. If you are going to carry pepper spray for self defense, what better than one that can't be used against you! No other pepper spray offers such protection.

In addition to the disable system being activated, the keys will stay attached to the users wrist allowing the victim to escape to safety while rendering the pepper spray useless to the attacker. Standard key chain models attach permanently to the pepper spray and if an attacker gains possession of it, they also end up with your keys. Not such a good thing for the attacker to end up with your keys, especially if you are on your way to your car not to mention your home.

Defuser Defense is here to provide you with the latest, greatest, safest, and technologically advanced self defense devices available on the market. We hope that by introducing DeFuser that we will see a significant reduction in cases where pepper spray is taken away and used against the victim. If you are looking for where to buy pepper spray then Defuser Defense is the place to be.  In addition to our pepper spray with disable pin, we also offer inert water practice sprays to help you become familiar with how sprays deploy.  Boost your confidence, improve your accuracy, and maximize your personal safety with Practice Sprays! Your Practice Spray will include directions for FREE access to a practice video, safety tips video, and a target. Complete with practice instructions, the Inert Practice Spray gives familiarity and peace of mind when you need it most! 

Studies from Universities have shown that up to 30% of the time pepper spray fails due to batch inconsistency. DeFuser's formula is tested to ensure its potency, and has a industry leading 4 year shelf. Over 4,000 law enforcement agencies worldwide trust the SABRE RED formula that DeFuser uses.

Defuser Defense is now proud to offer you the world's smallest pepper spray and door stop alarms. Click on the Shop link to check out our specials.


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